Technology is constantly evolving. Even by the time you complete this sentence, it will have advanced to some extent.

With each evolution, whether subtle or overt, there are new ways to capitalise on them. Our Technology team identifies these opportunities to help clients maximise on the benefits of these latest innovations. We never create an app or website just for the sake of it. Instead, we help brands to understand the fluid technological landscape. From there, we work together to build a comprehensive vision to address how they can and should interact with their customers.

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Experience Design

How can you begin to design something without knowing who and what it will be used for?

The answer is you can’t – at least not effectively. Our Experience Designers at Adaptis GmbH understand this. Each project begins by asking, what are the behaviours and needs of the consumers we’re designing for? This initiates an iterative testing process guided by discovery and design. An approach known as synchronous design allows us to stay ahead in a world of proliferating innovations across mobile, social and other connected platforms. We put this into action for the website of Toyota Hong Kong.

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Retail shopping has undoubtedly transformed over the years - especially in the light of ecommerce.

As new shopping channels are discovered, it becomes even more essential to create connected and intuitive experiences. We start by considering a brand’s positioning, its surrounding competitive landscape and key consumer insights. Keeping a close eye on trends, the Adaptis team is always looking for new ways to convert customers. Whether they’re visiting a physical retail store, shopping online or even just browsing through their Instagram feed, we work with it all. Our team helped Burger King to revamp its digital presence.

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We define customer relationship management (CRM) as recognizing, identifying and providing the things, a consumer desires.

Essentially, it allows us to better tailor our offerings on an individualized basis. Understanding who consumers are is the first step to helping brands create additional value. This way, you can deliver content that is both useful and desirable – at just the right moment. At times, this can be as simple as creating a more relevant message. In other cases, it requires us to go deeper a little deeper. By mining earned data, we can identify potential opportunities to solve consumers’ problems through a new product or service.

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Content Studio

How do you become an industry thought leader? Well, by publishing top calibre content.

Our state-of-the-art content studio allows us to create a wide range of audio, video, motion, 3D and computer graphics tailored to your needs. We have a team of diverse studio talent that includes digital editors, animators, motion graphics specialists and producers with broadcast experience. Housing ideation and execution under one roof streamlines the collaboration process. Ultimately, this allows us to arrive at the right creative solutions faster. Through an iterative approach, ideas are refined and validated to ensure we deliver nothing less than exceptional quality. Allow us to produce content catered to your target audience.

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Brand Design

Helping brands to become more digitally connected is one of our specialties.

The Adaptis team is comprised of visual and verbal designers, as well as business consultants and experiential engineers. A holistic approach that combines thinking and doing helps us to refine a brand’s vision. By the end of our process, clients have a much deeper grasp on their company’s purpose. Essentially, they are more informed, tested and better prepared to maintain consistency in the connected age. We realigned Ford’s Lincoln brand message to be consistent across all platforms.

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Visual Design

Design is no longer just a matter of aesthetics. In today’s day and age, an interface can make or break a digital product or service.

Visual design establishes our first impression of a brand. It helps foster that initial connection into a lifelong relationship - a substantial competitive advantage. Our talented visual designers come from all walks of the creative life. Working alongside interaction designers, we create beautiful, functional and user-friendly interfaces. Next we add copywriters to the mix to develop brand messages that are even sharper and more powerful than before. Tap into the talent of our team’s amazing creative minds.

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Producers at Adaptis GmbH are responsible for overseeing all of the agency’s global projects.

From the planning stages through to execution, this group handles it all. Our ambition centres on delivering the best strategic and creative solutions on time and on budget. Fiercely entrepreneurial, these individuals are constantly looking to connect resources across our global network. Through new and improved methods, we implement processes that result in ground-breaking work. We truly love what we do.

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Business Consulting

When it comes to business innovation, technology has surely levelled the playing field.

The Business Consulting team at Adaptis works with clients to identify key opportunities. This ranges from disrupting industries to developing new organisational frameworks that support change. There’s no limit to what we can do. Across a variety of industries, we help companies pursue innovative projects, gauge new markets for entry and create successful go-to-market strategies. We’ve consulted with ADIB to uncover its customers’ needs.

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A brand’s story must stand out in a sea of similarity.

Apps must be intuitive and easy to use. Social media posts need to speak the audience’s language. All of these are examples of why the demand for captivating writing has never been greater. Copywriting at Adaptis GmbH draws on the expertise of writers with a wide range of talents. From tweets to apps to brand anthems – you will find it all here. We ensure your messages are consistent no matter where, when, or on what screen they are seen. Take comfort in knowing it will be simple, powerful and persuasive every time. Allow us to help you speak your audience’s language.

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Mobile IoT

The mobile Internet of Things is rapidly evolving to encompass new platforms and devices far beyond the traditional mobile experience.

Our Mobile IoT team explores the opportunities presented by this new network of digital resources. All of this centres on keeping consumers extremely connected, no matter where they may be in the world. It’s our job to naturally weave digital content, applications and functionality into daily activities without being intrusive. Our team brought life to Tim Hortons through mobile IoT.

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Marketing Sciences

Data and pattern recognition lay at the heart of Marketing Sciences.

Our team works relentlessly to collect and understand new data. We ask questions like, what insights are revealed through the data? Does it suggest any key learnings about the audience and their desires? Ultimately, the aim is to understand how the data can better inform our decisions to arrive at highly creative and effective solutions. Remember, data is the currency of the 21st century. Those brands that understand how to capture, analyse and interpret it will be the ones to succeed.

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Client Services

At Adaptis GmbH, the Client Services team is at the heart of everything we do for our clients.

As media and technology get more complex, our business requires a new level of partnership. This group works very closely with our clients to better understand their business strategies and challenges. From there, we are able to better foster innovation and creativity. By bringing together skill-complementing teams across the Adaptis network, we can rethink and solve any challenges to deliver breakthrough results.

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Insights & Planning

Today, we live in a world that is extremely complex.

There’s so much more to human behaviour than meets the eye. Our team of planners works to uncover cultural insights that create new opportunities and meaning for brands. Research can be found at the beginning and end of our processes. We listen, learn, strategise and then optimise on our findings. Working closely with media and analytics teams, our planners create impactful, integrated and measurable strategic initiatives.

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Data Science & Visualisation

We believe that data is the building block of the connected age.

Every business stores vast amounts of information. Unfortunately, it typically occurs across large, disconnected and increasingly complex data sets. This is where our Data Science and Visualisation team comes into play. We work to uncover patterns and detect any anomalies. Generating key insights, this helps us to identify valuable messages, perspectives, relationships and trends - all of which are connected by data.

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When delivering a message in any context, you want to make sure it’s heard by your target audience.

Whether it be a product launch, pitch, demo, tutorial or something entirely new, our Presentation team is here to help. We assist our clients with communicating to live audiences in the most effective way possible. Simple or complex, our assignments all have the same outcome - a concise, impactful story geared to the new realities of the connected age.

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Media is no longer about the size of the discounts you can negotiate – thank digital platforms for this.

Instead, it’s about how well you can capitalise on analytics and manage across several connected media services. It has become more about information science than anything else. Brands now have the ability to outsmart competitors, rather than just outspend them. The Media team at Adaptis works to decode cultural preferences, while building software to help brands immerse themselves in it. This way, all considerations can be taken into account before deciding on the best approach to enter a market.

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Technology Consulting

One standardised solution is typically not the answer for complex organisations.

The Technology Consulting team at Adaptis GmbH focuses on choosing the right technology solutions for each operational element. We achieve this by conducting technology stack audits, technical due diligence, architecture consulting and innovation events. All of this is put to work through carefully thought out partnerships with some of the largest tech providers.

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Drupal Umbraco

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Transforming a brand into an experience can be truly remarkable.

The Experiential team at Adaptis GmbH understands the several components required to create an experience reflective of the brand. We start the process by asking, what kind of live experience is going to help people understand what this product or service is all about? Sometimes the solution is tactile in the physical world, while other times it is based solely in the digital landscape. Here we exercise our creativity and technology to arrive at a solution that will communicate the brand’s message in a simple and memorable fashion.

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Social Media

Social media has become widely accessible across an increasing number of devices and continues to do so at a blinding pace.

Simply having a profile on each platform is not enough. To truly have a presence, you must engage in conversation with your audience. The Social team at Adaptis GmbH understands this. Hence, we combine technical know-how with consumer insights to determine the best ways to generate discussion. When executed properly, social media can lead campaigns to success, while inspiring a customer-centric approach.

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