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    Native iOS Development

    iOS development offers a gateway to a large and affluent user base, providing sleek design, a secure ecosystem, and access to cutting-edge features through Apple's platform. It ensures a seamless user experience, high-performance standards, and access to a global market with higher-than-average spending potential. Enquire now

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    Android Development

    Android development offers broad global reach, quick market access, device diversity, customizable user experiences, and robust Google integration, with tools for in-depth app analytics and optimization. Enquire now

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    React Native / Hybrid

    React Native is chosen over iOS Swift for its ability to create apps for both iOS and Android from a single codebase, making development quicker and more cost-effective. It leverages a vast JavaScript library ecosystem and has a strong community for support. Its live reloading feature accelerates development, while its capacity for over-the-air updates bypasses frequent app store approvals. This can be particularly resource-efficient for teams already skilled in JavaScript. However, Swift may be preferred for performance-intensive or platform-specific apps. Enquire now

Our Recent Mobile App Development Work


Be guided to a healthier happier you

Benefit Pocket emerged as a strategic solution for Bupa Australia, aimed at emphasizing preventive health care. The endeavor included the creation of an extensive platform, highlighted by a native mobile application available on both Apple and Android devices. This app provides access to educational courses, a cash-back redemption system, and additional educational resources to empower users to manage their health proactively.


Mobile app development for Finstro

Through a sustained and dedicated team effort, Adaptis has been at the forefront of developing the Finstro financial mobile app. This native app is an intricate financial management tool that integrates products and information with account management services, reflecting the sophistication of the solution we offer.


Real-time water-conservation program

adaptis developed WaterGoWhere and myWaterMeter, a pair of mobile applications utilizing hybrid technology, as part of a collaborative initiative financed by the Singapore Government and in partnership with Suez. The goal of these apps was to foster water-conservation habits among Singapore residents, with a particular emphasis on enabling individual households to use water resources more efficiently.

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