Fiji Investment
Fiji Investment
The Project - Building the Future
Investment FIJI is the marketing arm of the FIJI Government. The need to attract a variety of enterprises to the FIJI island helps support GDP and wider economic growth on the small island.
Fiji Investment
Fiji InvestmentFiji InvestmentFiji Investment
Our Approach
Government sites can be fairly straightforward but therein lies the need. Easy access to key information, while presenting a modern UI and navigation system allows for the user to discover the opportunities that lie within country of FIJI.

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Fiji Investment
Fully Responsive Fluid UI Built with Umbraco

To adhere to the requirements, the site is kept simple - mostly driven by content and information that allows business to learn more about the competitive advantages FIJI has to offer. In addition, we built a customer portal that allows for the legal transference of documents and proposals from the government to support expansion into FIJI.

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