HSH Group
Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels
The Project - Building the Future
HSH is an owner-operator of a small number of leading hotels in the world under the world-renowned Peninsula brand, together with luxury commercial and residential properties.
HSH Group
Hong Kong Shanghai HotelsHong Kong Shanghai HotelsHong Kong Shanghai Hotels
Our Approach
With the initial scope of fixing the current Sitecore website, our team quickly convinced HSH Group to relook at an overhaul due to the various issues of the user experience. The result is a fluid and dynamic website that works.

View our work for HSH Group. With a diverse portfolio of assets, HSH has pioneered luxury accommodation and timeless elegance since its founding in 1866.

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HSH Group
Fully Responsive Fluid UI Built with Sitecore

As a leading SiteCore partner, Adaptis was tasked with building a fully-responsive website to support the vision and strategy of HSH Group. By using a series of technologies and user experience methods we aimed to provide a digital the quality that the group expects.