Design all-new online careers portal.

People want to work, but at the same time don’t want a difficult application process – what a coincidence. However, there comes a time when it makes sense to make things easy. This is especially true when you want to attract top management talent. As such, the Adaptis team was enlisted to conduct a complete restructuring of the online career portal at Tim Horton’s. The chain wanted a fun and playful approach to better reflect its work atmosphere. This, you could say, was not accurately portrayed through the current hiring process. With that, we welcomed our main objective of redesigning and restructuring Tim Horton’s online career portal.

Gaining richer insights.

What better way to understand the application process than to look through the eyes of an applicant. This would help us to gain firsthand insight about the current online hiring methods. We really needed to understand the current process before thinking of ways to improve it. In order to understand how it was perceived and identify key areas for improvement, more questions were considered. Mainly, we wondered if the right types of questions were being asked and if they were attracting the right kinds of applicants.


Lower employee turnover.

To see things from an applicant’s perspective, we did what all applicants do – apply for the job. Going through the process for ourselves, the following insights were revealed:

· Lengthy application process in general
· Unresponsive, unless actually contacted for an interview
· Very impersonal, boring and typical application process

Tim Horton’s did not want the current process to reflect its workplace environment. To improve this, we really wanted to get creative and stray far away from the typical, boring process of having people submit a CV. Instead, we wanted a fresh approach to learn more about these applicants.

A newly designed career portal transformed the application process. The CV upload was much easier since it was automatically translated into a readable format for Tim Horton’s personnel. An additional series of Q&A forms now help to gain more insight about the applicant. For example, questions about health or lifestyle sports are included. Upon submission, we streamlined the previous communication process from what was previously over a hundred emails to just five instead. Oh and did we mention, the all-new career portal is fully functioning across mobile platforms.

After all was said and done, we saw a 260% rise in application rates. This influx led to better hires as seen through a lower employee turnover.

Related work

Burger King

In need of a digital overhaul, we assisted Burger King with exactly that. Developing a fully optimised and mobile responsive website on Drupal, the world’s leading content management system, users could find anything they needed. From nutrition information to applying for a job, we developed with exceptional UX/UI. A majority of the project centred on a new online career portal. The redesign started from the application process through to employee management providing a refreshed emphasis on recruiting top talent.


As the parent company of Burger King (BK) and Tim Hortons (TH), Restaurants Brands Inc. (RBI) needed to take care of its subsidiary’s digital presence. With over 19,000 restaurants in nearly 100 countries and $23 billion in sales under its belt, we were responsible for BK and TH. Our team created a central career portal that was then adapted to each brand’s websites. The project has proven to be a success at both fast food chains on both customer and business levels.

Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels currently operates a total of 80 five-star hotels in 30 countries. Persistently extending this global presence, the company must continue to deliver on its promise of an exclusive and individualized experience. To achieve this, our team developed a digital loyalty program, as well as a completely redesigned website. The loyalty program helps to time special offers and learn more about repeat visitors. As for the website it provides all of the information and booking tools a guest could ask for.

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