Digital makeover for its brands.

Just because RBI’s two brands, Tim Horton’s (TH) and Burger King (BK), are older businesses doesn’t mean they’re excused for having an outdated online presence. In fact, both of these brands had digital profiles that were sorely lacking. At the same time, RBI wanted to emphasize a focus on hiring quality talent. With that said, Adaptis was tasked to tackle both issues head on. The deliverable centered on the development of an all-new career portal that would then be adapted to its two major brands – BK and TH. The underlying objective was to increase the number of CV uploads, while attracting a pool of high quality educated people for management positions.

Understanding the difference between brands.

No two companies are alike. Beyond that, no two people are even alike and each company comprises thousands of employees. When creating a standard system for two separate enterprises, each will have a different interpretation of how to incorporate it. Some will welcome it, while others may not. This task required us to understand the unique operations of each brand – particularly in terms of hiring. Though BK and TH are both fast food chains, we still had to account for the differences at each. We needed to consider the current systems in place, as well as the workplace cultures. Essentially, we are shifting the focus of each brand towards its employment practices and attracting top talent.


Ripple effects of attracting top talent.

Our approach focused on making both brands seem like fun places to work right from the initial point of contact with an applicant. This translated into appealing visuals and enjoyable UX/UI functionality. Next, the online career portal was completely revamped before adapting it to each brand. From easy document submissions to interactive questionnaires to streamlined communications. All of these phrases can be used to describe the new and improved process.

These efforts have led to a 278% increase in CV uploads overall. Additionally, a much greater number of highly qualified candidates are being recruited. This has been noticed inside restaurant locations through a direct improvement to employee morale and general well-being. Fortunately, these effects have transcended to customers as an overall increase in customer satisfaction has also been reported. Essentially, a greater focus on talent acquisition has led to performance improvements all around.

For more details on the specifics of each project, please visit our Burger King and Tim Horton’s pages.

Related work

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How do you know a campaign is a huge success? Well, you’ll surely know when the whole nation wants its national flag to represent that campaign’s logo. This is exactly what happened with the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign and we were tasked with creating the main online portal for it. This would provide access to the digital side of the campaign. Providing everything a potential tourist would need to know about the country, the website’s got it all. Did we mention that it has even won international awards too?

HSH Group

Working alongside StartJQ, an agency based out of Shanghai, we refreshed The HSH Inc. website on SiteCore. With HSH being a holding company for businesses in real estate and hospitality, as well as other areas, it always needs to attract investors. Providing an information-rich and pleasant user experience is a good place to start and that is what we delivered. We look forward to this being one of many future projects with companies in this group.

Burger King

In need of a digital overhaul, we assisted Burger King with exactly that. Developing a fully optimised and mobile responsive website on Drupal, the world’s leading content management system, users could find anything they needed. From nutrition information to applying for a job, we developed with exceptional UX/UI. A majority of the project centred on a new online career portal. The redesign started from the application process through to employee management providing a refreshed emphasis on recruiting top talent.

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