Design your personalised Lincoln.

The days of Henry Ford’s standard Model T are no more. Now it’s all about customisation. Consumers aren’t settling for anything less than what they want. After all, another business is probably offering what they’re after. As businesses continue to cater to the unique preferences of various customer groups, it is becoming expected. At the time, Lincoln China wanted to match this level of tailored offerings by allowing customers to design their own vehicle. With that, we were given a dual objective – to use customisation as a revenue-generating tactic, while simplifying the process of ordering vehicles from the US.

Managing brand customisation.

When opening your brand up to customisation, it can be portrayed in a variety of ways – some good and others bad. If you allow for anything, don’t be surprised if you get some wild responses. Working alongside Lincoln China, the boundaries of personalisation were defined. Attempting to maintain the stature of its brand image, we determined what features, models and colours would be allowed in the various combinations. Lastly, from a business perspective, we had to ask the question – does this online tool make sense in the grand scheme of logistics?


472% sales increase in Chinese markets.

We delivered an online tool which allows users to build their own personalised Lincoln vehicles. The benefits to Lincoln China are twofold occurring at both business and customer levels.

At a customer level, sales increased 472% since life was now much simpler when it came to buying a Lincoln. Simply choose a model you’d like to customise and start tailoring it to your liking. The pricing adjusts with each feature you add making it easier than ever to compare different combinations. Say goodbye to sifting through dealer books comparing the various features and their costs. And if you want to come back for more later, you can save all of your creations.

On a business level, logistics were improved for ordering vehicles from the US. Dealers can now focus their inventory based on what’s most likely to sell in the Chinese regions. For example, the company realised that bright colours were not popular in this market. Online data from this tool also helps dealers to order exactly what is needed. In this case, it was seen that one specific interior was preferred among many Chinese consumers.

We helped the company both from a sales and logistical perspective. Customers are happy with their newly personalised vehicle, while Lincoln is happy that it’s easier to get these people what they want.

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