Standout in a sea of brands.

“Get me a glass of whatever whisky you’ve got” is not what a brand like Johnnie Walker wants to hear. Instead, something along the lines of “I need myself a fine glass of Johnnie Walker” is more like it. In the second case, there is a direct association between Johnnie Walker and a fine whisky. To have a brand stay top of mind, consumers need to have a memorable connection to it. Amidst the intense rivalry of the whisky market, Johnnie Walker wished to increase its customer engagement. Our goal was to create an enriching and memorable experience that would last a lifetime and spread between networks of people. This required that we transform the brand into an experience for its core audience.

Overpowering the excess noise.

To tune out competitive distractions, Johnnie Walker needed a dramatic marketplace presence that couldn’t go unnoticed. In an ocean of brands, we realized the way to capture our audience’s attention is to engage them in an experience they’ll remember forever. Understanding Johnnie Walker’s positioning among competitors played a key role in determining the direction of this project. Beyond that, there was consideration about what it was that whisky connoisseurs would value in an experience. Was it conversation, whisky tasting or even learning about the history behind it all?


Introducing the all-new Johnnie Walker Houses.

At the core of the Johnnie Walker brand, it was revealed that heritage plays a defining role. Not long after, a unique worldwide engagement program was under development to create an experience for whisky lovers unlike any other. Taking an experiential marketing approach, the Johnnie Walker houses were designed. Each house exposes guests to its rich Scottish heritage, whisky education and other historical artifacts.

Successfully executed experiential marketing creates buzz and this is exactly what happened here. Mainly in the form of word-of-mouth and social sharing, the Johnnie Walker houses became a hit among whisky lovers. The numbers don’t lie as we’ve seen a 389% increase in sales and a 1230% increase in online brand awareness.

Beyond general retail sales, the Johnnie Walker houses add additional revenue streams to the brand. At each location, you will find unique whiskies that can be sampled and purchased as part of the experience. People can also sign up for membership subscriptions to visit each of these locations as they please. All of this is supported by a digital loyalty program where members can stay up-to-date about the happenings and related offers at the Johnnie Walker houses. A truly formidable location to enjoy some fine whisky.

Related work

Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels currently operates a total of 80 five-star hotels in 30 countries. Persistently extending this global presence, the company must continue to deliver on its promise of an exclusive and individualized experience. To achieve this, our team developed a digital loyalty program, as well as a completely redesigned website. The loyalty program helps to time special offers and learn more about repeat visitors. As for the website it provides all of the information and booking tools a guest could ask for.

Toyota HK

As in-car gadgets have been getting more complex with new models, we aimed to keep one thing simple for vehicle owners – buying a Toyota. Focusing specifically on the web portal for the Hong Kong market, we had strict brand guidelines to adhere to. To ensure smooth functionality of the website, several optimisation tests were conducted at each stage of the process. In the end, it has been deemed a success – the sales figures exist to prove it.


Winning the pitch to develop the interactive Lincoln customisation tool, we aimed to deliver an exceptional user experience. Working alongside the company, we ensured it would be portrayed in ways that were consistent with its brand image. By providing users with creative freedom, key consumer preferences were noticed and logistics improved. Ultimately, Lincoln gained happy customers and customers were happy to get exactly what they wanted. A true win for everyone.

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