Full stack

Help bring Hyperledger to fruition.

As part of IBM’s Interactive Experience division, we have been selected as a development partner for all banking and financial projects – particularly those related to blockchain. Our involvement centers on serving IBM’s role in the development of the open-source Hyperledger project. Hyperledger is a blockchain project intended to “encourage transparency, longevity, interoperability and the support required to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption”. We are eager to play a part in seeing this come to fruition.

Coding for the future.

Imagine working alongside a large group of people toward an outcome that isn’t entirely clear. As you can guess, this has its challenges. There are two major challenges with the Hyperledger project in particular. First of all, we are helping to develop breakthrough technologies where no company has gone before. This means that uncertainty lies at every turn since we are treading new waters. On top that, we are coordinating with other development partners via an open-source platform. This is a unique working environment in its own way.


Learning new skills while sharing expertise.

So far, we have really just seen some amazing coding done by our team at Adaptis. Given the unique nature of this project, our team has learned lots of new techniques. One major example involves the learning of GO programming language by members at Adaptis. There’s also been an endless stream of opportunity to apply our own hard coding skills and ability to think unconventionally. While coding alongside various other contributors and developers, we assist in teaching agile methodology to improve the iterative testing and learning processes of the project.

If you’re aware of the Hyperledger project, you’ll know that it’s still ongoing and aims to revolutionize the business world across many of its industries. Until then, we work away in anticipation. We are proud to be a part of developing this global-scale technology.

Related work

Toyota HK

As in-car gadgets have been getting more complex with new models, we aimed to keep one thing simple for vehicle owners – buying a Toyota. Focusing specifically on the web portal for the Hong Kong market, we had strict brand guidelines to adhere to. To ensure smooth functionality of the website, several optimisation tests were conducted at each stage of the process. In the end, it has been deemed a success – the sales figures exist to prove it.


Winning the pitch to develop the interactive Lincoln customisation tool, we aimed to deliver an exceptional user experience. Working alongside the company, we ensured it would be portrayed in ways that were consistent with its brand image. By providing users with creative freedom, key consumer preferences were noticed and logistics improved. Ultimately, Lincoln gained happy customers and customers were happy to get exactly what they wanted. A true win for everyone.

Burger King

In need of a digital overhaul, we assisted Burger King with exactly that. Developing a fully optimised and mobile responsive website on Drupal, the world’s leading content management system, users could find anything they needed. From nutrition information to applying for a job, we developed with exceptional UX/UI. A majority of the project centred on a new online career portal. The redesign started from the application process through to employee management providing a refreshed emphasis on recruiting top talent.

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