Implement newly designed career portal.

Have you ever gone through a job application process where it was especially complex from an outdated or lengthy process? If so, did it ever make you question what other processes at the company were like? If trying to apply to a job seemed more complicated than a calculus exam, you may start to wonder if it would always be like this. Well, one can only hope not. In fact, Adaptis was hired to completely refresh the online career portal for Burger King. It was clearly time for the brand to greet potential applicants with a clean and responsive UX/UI. The objective here was very similar to our work with Tim Horton’s.

From the eyes of an applicant.

The main challenge comes down to understanding the application process. Not just from an applicant’s perspective though, you also need to take management’s needs into consideration. Understanding how both of these parties felt was key to this redesign. Did applicants find the process to be straightforward and worthwhile? From a management viewpoint, what information was or wasn’t necessary? Really, we wanted to decipher the best questions to ask in order to identify top candidates for management positions.


260% increase in job applicants.

After hearing feedback from applicants about the current application process at Burger King, very similar results compared to Tim Horton’s were found. This included:

· Application process was quite lengthy
· Unresponsive, unless actually contacted for an interview
· Very impersonal, boring and typical application process

Addressing these concerns, we created an all-new career portal compatible across all devices – including mobile. As it turns out, we saw a 260% increase in application rates, as well as lower employee turnover.

We wanted to steer clear of the typical, boring and impersonal process of applying for a job at Burger King. Starting with the increase in applications, our new hiring process is much more streamlined in nature. The process benefits the applicant from a user experience perspective and the company benefits from gaining more relevant information about a candidate.

An increase in quantity is one thing, and as it turns out, the increase in quality was right there beside it. To keep employee turnover low, the career portal is used not only as the main tool for employee acquisition, but also retention. Right from the start, better qualified candidates that are more likely to stay longer are identified. Upon hiring these candidates, management personnel can then monitor each employee’s progress and also provide them with goals to further their career. This gives employees something to work towards and benchmark their progress against. In either case, it’s a win-win for both employees and management.

Related work


As the parent company of Burger King (BK) and Tim Hortons (TH), Restaurants Brands Inc. (RBI) needed to take care of its subsidiary’s digital presence. With over 19,000 restaurants in nearly 100 countries and $23 billion in sales under its belt, we were responsible for BK and TH. Our team created a central career portal that was then adapted to each brand’s websites. The project has proven to be a success at both fast food chains on both customer and business levels.

Tim Hortons

There’s more to Tim Horton’s than just great tasting coffee – it’s also happens to be a pleasant place to work. With a complete redesign of its online career portal, our team is helping the franchise to attract top talent. From improvements across employee well-being to customer satisfaction, the project has been welcomed graciously. A new emphasis upon employee management has reflected well in all areas of the business.

100% New Zealand

How do you know a campaign is a huge success? Well, you’ll surely know when the whole nation wants its national flag to represent that campaign’s logo. This is exactly what happened with the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign and we were tasked with creating the main online portal for it. This would provide access to the digital side of the campaign. Providing everything a potential tourist would need to know about the country, the website’s got it all. Did we mention that it has even won international awards too?

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