Why aren’t customers using ADIB’s mobile app?

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone is connected to a smartphone. In fact, you’re more likely to cross paths with a caveman than with someone who doesn’t own a mobile device. This had led to a surge in online activity in many sectors and the banking industry in particular. It was clear to ADIB that a much needed emphasis on its mobile strategy existed. The question to answer was this - how can we make banking more convenient and portable? An ADIB branded mobile app already existed, but usage rates were low and customers weren’t satisfied. This is where we came into play. Our team at Adaptis was tasked with the objective of increasing usage on the mobile app. And that is exactly what we set out to do.

Getting to the Core Needs.

If you ask a group of customers what they could ever want in an app, you’ll be writing endlessly to keep up with the requests. This goes against the essence of agile methodology. To try and include all of the various features that customers wanted just didn’t make sense. Instead, we needed to get to the core requirements. Understanding what was currently preventing customers from using the app played a key role in identifying the central features.


780% Mobile Usage Increase.

Using an agile and iterative approach, various versions of the mobile platform were tested. But before this process began, we needed to learn exactly what customers wanted in the app. After interviewing several customers, it was revealed that users were seeking four essential features. These included:

·         Real-time money management
·         Overview of personal finances
·         Financial document submission
·         Account creation

These insights paved the way to an extremely improved, fully-functioning and pleasant user experience. The mobile extension of ADIB’s platform ultimately had a cleaner and more responsive user interface than the previous version. Staying on top of UX trends, our team incorporated horizontal flows, as opposed to vertical, which is consistent with mobile app development trends.

Ultimately, our efforts resulted in a 780% increase in mobile usage and the surpassing of 100,000’s of user hours logged on the app. In particular, customers enjoyed the visual aspect of the platform. Features providing a visual representation of the user’s spending was a favorite in particular. Ultimately, customers were left feeling happy and more connected as they could now carry a personal teller in their pockets.

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