Kempinski Hotels
Kempinski Hotels
The Project
On any given day, Kempinski Hotels as on offer over 24,000 luxury rooms and suites in 30 countries globally. With a global footprint of more than 80 luxury 5-star hotels, Adaptis is the digital partner for the global hotel chain.
Kempinski Hotels
Kempinski HotelsKempinski HotelsKempinski Hotels
Our Approach
How can we extend the level of quality Kempinski Hotels offers in a digital space? The team at Kempinski was faced with a current platform that was not able to keep up with industry needs & future trends. This is where our team started, optimising the current offering while ensuring a build that provided unlimited opportunity for future needs.

View our work for Kempinski Hotels. With 80+ individual hotel sites in over 13 languages experience what it's like to live in luxury.

Kempinski Mobile App
Mobile first approach built with Umbraco

To support the ability to allow over 80 hotel operators manage their own content while keeping the brand and visual streamlined throughout the site, Umbraco was selected as the content management system. While this allowed for a great content editor’s experience we needed fill in the gaps and create a custom booking engine synced with Oracle’s Micros platform as well as many additional 3rd party integrations such as Opilac, Review Pro, security & transactional systems, CRM integrations just to name a few. The result is a long standing client that has engaged in many additional solutions throughout the Kempinski brands.