Mid-Senior Frontend Developers

You are a thinker, someone who will take the accountability to drive results. Someone who is not afraid of calculated failure. We are in need of the best. The best means that you have the passion, drive and need to excel in everything you do and you want to share and train others along the way.

Within Adaptis, we encourage employees to explore their passions, be curious, and improve their talents. Moreover, Adaptis offers a range of opportunities across sales, user experience, strategy, digital, technology and operations.

  • 2+ years of industry experience developing front-end for various applications including mobile
  • Mid to Senior FE level experience in technologies
  • Experience in build tools, SASS, Gulp, including 3rd party test frameworks
  • Angular, React, VUE experience is highly desired
  • Understanding of animations, transitions, and solutions
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Undergraduate (or graduate) degree in a development or design-related area
  • Strong communication, organization and time management skills
  • Self-driven, independent and enjoys autonomy
  • Collaborative and professional in a team setting
  • Reading and writing in English
  • Up-to-date with dev trends
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Collaborate with other passionate people, like yourself, who enthusiastically seek out new challenges and continuous learning to create bigger, better and bolder experiences.

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Join Adaptis as a frontend development manager and innovate, inspire, and train. The journey is just as important as the result.
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